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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Check back here often for a list of events and important election dates in Nueces County!
To add your event, email nick@nuecesdemocrats.org with information about your event.

Democratic National Convention Watch Party

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Campaign HQ
Bonilla Plaza
2701 Morgan Ave. Ste 600
Corpus Christi, TX 78405

Democratic National Convention
Monday, July 25 – Thursday, July 28, 2016
Wells Fargo Center
3601 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

CBYD Mid-August Meeting
Thursday, August 6, 2016
Campaign HQ
Bonilla Plaza
2701 Morgan Ave. Ste 600
Corpus Christi, TX 78405

Representative Abel Herrero’s 4th Annual School Supplies Giveaway
WHENHerrero School Supplies
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Robstown High School
609 TX Hwy 44
Robstown, TX 78380

Pullin’ for Mark Skeetshoot and Horseshoe Tournament
$100 raffle ticket/entry feePullin For Mark
Music by Jerry & the Rufnex, Robert Ray, and Clarissa Serna
10AM – Horseshoe tournament
12PM – Skeet shoot tournament
Saturday, August 13, 2016
2736 County Road 26 (@Barn)
Robstown, TX 78380

Nueces County Democratic Party Presents A Night With Leticia Van de Putte

Texas Scramble Golf Tournament benefiting Larry Olivarez for Sheriff
Hole in one, win a truck!LarryGolf4
First Place: $300
Second Place: $200
Third Place: $100
Friday, August 26, 2016
North Shore Country Club
801 E. Broadway Blvd
Portland, TX 78374

2016 Precinct Chairs

Pct First Last City Section Neighborhood
Chair Jennifer Ellis Countywide Countywide Countywide
1 Corpus Christi Downtown Downtown
2 Rudytejano Pena Corpus Christi Bay Side Windsor Park
3 Corpus Christi South Side The Lakes
4 Corpus Christi South Side Carroll High School
5 Alicia Gallegos-Gomez Corpus Christi Bay Side Hamlin
6 Barbara Sellers Corpus Christi Flour Bluff Ethel Eyerly
7 Corpus Christi North Side La Dona Park
8 Mary E. Rivera Corpus Christi South Side Sands Park
9 Corpus Christi Calallen North
10 Robstown Far County Bluntzer
11 Agua Dulce Agua Dulce Agua Dulce
12 Ercilia Perez Banquete Banquete Banquete
13 Robstown Robstown Central
14 Bishop Bishop East
15 Corpus Christi Cross Oso Tierra Grande
16 Corpus Christi London London
17 Alicia Foy Corpus Christi South Side Smith
18 Corpus Christi Flour Bluff NAS
19 Mike Seicich Port Aransas Port Aransas Port Aransas
20 Terri “Cissi” Whipple Corpus Christi South Side Galvan
21 Corpus Christi North Beach North Beach
22 Driscoll Mid County Petronila
23 Moses Estrada Robstown Calallen West
24 Corpus Christi West Side Airport
25 Robstown Far County Quinta Creek
26 Corpus Christi South Side Kings Crossing
27 Driscoll Driscoll Driscoll
28 Robstown Mid County Violet
29 Richard Alonzo Corpus Christi South Side Stony Brook Park
30 Corpus Christi North Side Washington-Coles
31 Corpus Christi Uptown South
32 Corpus Christi South Side Woolridge Park
33 Maria Chavez Corpus Christi Uptown North
34 Robstown West Side Mt Carmel
35 Robstown Robstown South
36 Bishop Bishop West
37 Robstown Robstown Southeast
38 Corpus Christi North Side Hillcrest
39 Corpus Christi Bay Side Spohn Shoreline
40 Nancy Jo Devlin Corpus Christi Padre Island Bob Hall
41 Corpus Christi West Side Bonilla Plaza
42 Corpus Christi Bay Side Oleander Point
43 Corpus Christi Bay Side Broadmoor Park
44 Carmen L. Duron Corpus Christi West Side Barnes
45 Gabe Rivas Corpus Christi West Side Memorial
46 Corpus Christi West Side Garcia Center
47 Corpus Christi West Side Garza Park
48 Carolyn Moon Corpus Christi Bay Side Parkdale
49 Corpus Christi Annaville Thebeau Park
50 Sara Salvide Corpus Christi Bay Side Lindale Park
51 Corpus Christi North Side Mobile Park
52 Corpus Christi West Side Glen Royal Park
53 Corpus Christi Bay Side Sam Houston Park
54 Robstown Robstown Northeast
55 Robstown Robstown Northwest
56 Ken Gandy Corpus Christi Bay Side Vanderbilt Park
57 Monica Chavez-Lozano Corpus Christi Bay Side DMC East
58 Corpus Christi Bay Side Six Points
59 Vicki N. Garza Corpus Christi Bay Side Incarnate Word School
60 Corpus Christi West Side Austin Park
61 Shirley Jean Stonum Corpus Christi West Side Elgin Park
62 Frances Rueles Brown Corpus Christi Bay Side Wynn Seale
63 Susan Reeves Corpus Christi Bay Side Ropes Park
64 Corpus Christi Bay Side Lamar Park
65 Jung-ja Bhogte Corpus Christi Bay Side TAMU-CC
66 Corpus Christi Bay Side Brawner Park
67 Corpus Christi South Side Brockhampton Park
68 Corpus Christi Bay Side Lawndale Park
69 Homero C. Villareal Corpus Christi Bay Side Casa Linda
70 Robert Jackson Robertson III Corpus Christi South Side Gardendale
70 Coretta Graham Corpus Christi South Side Gardendale
71 Corpus Christi Bay Side Botsford Park
72 Corpus Christi Bay Side Price Park
73 Corpus Christi Bay Side Fannin
74 Manuel P. Pena Corpus Christi West Side Chula Vista
75 Corpus Christi West Side Crockett
76 Corpus Christi West Side Port & Highland
77 Corpus Christi West Side Lozano
78 Rose Marie Soto Corpus Christi West Side West Oso
79 Corpus Christi West Side Miller
80 Corpus Christi West Side Molina Park
81 John D. Bell Corpus Christi Padre Island Country Club
82 Corpus Christi West Side Dog Track
83 Corpus Christi Bay Side Butt Park
84 Corpus Christi Bay Side La Palmera
85 Corpus Christi Bay Side Allen
86 George E. Clower Corpus Christi Bay Side Incarnate Word Montessori
87 Sylvia Campos Corpus Christi Bay Side Collier Park
88 Corpus Christi South Side Luther Jones
89 Barabara Cline Corpus Christi Bay Side Koolside Park
90 Corpus Christi Bay Side Cullen Park
91 Felix Espinosa Corpus Christi Bay Side Ennis Joslin
92 Corpus Christi Bay Side Whitworth
93 Jesus Jaime Bustos Corpus Christi South Side Los Encinos
94 Corpus Christi Bay Side Sherwood Park
95 Corpus Christi Bay Side Cyril & Methodius
96 Corpus Christi Bay Side Norton
97 Corpus Christi Bay Side Cuiper Park
98 Corpus Christi West Side Moody
99 Corpus Christi West Side Oak Park
100 Corpus Christi West Side Hudson Park
101 Corpus Christi Annaville Tuloso Midway
102 Bishop Bishop Downtown
103 Corpus Christi North Side Refinery Row
104 Robstown Robstown Southwest
105 Robstown Mid County Spring Garden-Terra Verde
106 Michael A. Perez Corpus Christi South Side Congress Park
107 Corpus Christi Calallen Five Points
108 Robstown Mid County La Paloma-Lost Creek
109 Ann Smith Corpus Christi Bay Side Meadowbrook
110 Stacey L. Barrera Corpus Christi Calallen Jackie Eden
111 Corpus Christi Annaville Jacksonwoods
112 Wilson Albert Wakefield III Corpus Christi South Side Schanen Estates
113 Corpus Christi West Side Greenwood Park
114 Corpus Christi South Side Cabaniss Field
115 Isabel Noyola-Martin Corpus Christi South Side Club Estates
116 Samuel Rodriguez Caceres Corpus Christi South Side Dawson
117 Glenda Gale Turner Corpus Christi Flour Bluff Laguna Shores
118 Linda L. Snider Corpus Christi South Side Crestmont
119 Leo Estrada Corpus Christi South Side Country Club Estates
120 Mattie Brownlow Corpus Christi Bay Side Pharoahs Valley
121 Shana Marquez Corpus Christi South Side Malibu Park
122 Corpus Christi Flour Bluff Waldron Field
123 Kim Dees Corpus Christi Calallen East
124 Corpus Christi South Side Holly Park
125 Martha C. Gray Corpus Christi South Side Rancho Vista
126 Corpus Christi Cross Oso Chapman Ranch
127 Corpus Christi Cross Oso Kings Acres

Delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention

Nueces County is sending 139 delegates from Senate District 20 and 2 delegates from Senate District 18 to the Texas State Democratic Convention in San Antonio June 16-18, 2016.

Senate District 20 (Nueces, Jim Wells, Brooks, and parts of Hidalgo) will send 5 delegates and Senate District 18 (Port Aransas to Wharton) will send 4 delegates to the Democratic National Convention July 25-28, 2016. The Senate District 20 delegation will consist of 5 delegates total: 2 male Hillary delegates, 2 female Hillary delegates, and 1 male Bernie delegate. The Senate District 18 delegation will consist of 4 delegates total: 1 male Hillary delegate, 1 female Hillary delegate, 1 Hillary delegate of either gender, and 1 Bernie delegate of the opposite gender of the third Hilary delegate.

If you want to be one of the national delegates to the DNC and if you name is list below, then please click here to get your form to file your candidacy.

If you wish to be selected for the any of the follow party or convention offices: Credentials Committeeperson, Nominations Committeeperson for Delegates to the National Convention, Nominations Committeeperson for Party Officials and Presidential Electors, Platform Committeeperson, Presidential Elector, Resolutions Committeeperson, Rules Committeeperson, State Executive Committeeperson and your name is on the list below then please click here to file for party office.

The following 141 people have been selected as delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention:

Clinton Delegate Pct Clinton Delegate Pct Sanders Delegate Pct
Adame, Joe A 20 Longlois, Jana 65 Aldrich, Rachel Denise 39
Alonzo, Richard 29 Longoria, Betty Jean 3 Bazaldua, Ernest 3
Barrera, Stacey 110 Loverde, Judith Ann 5 Barron, Stephen Michael 19
Barrera, Raul 101 Lozano, Monica 66 Bassett, April Denine 61
Barrientes, Jimmy 93 Martinez, Esther 120 Beltman, Trent Garrett 42
Bell, John 81 Mata, Clemente 68 Bernhardt, Ross 91
Beltran, Jo Ann 9 McCool, Bryan Dwayne 82 Bowman, Sarah 65
Bhogte, Jung Ja C 65 Mendez, Misty 40 Campos, Sylvia 87
Bradley, Al 38 Moeller, Becky 8 Carbone, Mary Lynn 118
Bustos, Jesus 93 Molina, Jesus 101 Carbone-Solis, Fabian 116
Caceres, Gloria Linda 3 Montoya, Cinia Clarich 112 Cavada, Richard 31
Caceres, Armando Guadalupe 3 Moon, Carolyn 48 Chavez, Maria 33
Canales, Barbara 63 Morris, Mark 115 Davis, Don 120
Canales, Jose Antonio 63 Mumphord, Joel 70 Dees, Delores 123
Canales, Yolanda 63 Nesta, Sara Consuelo 26 Dees, Kim 123
Casas, Cari 45 Nolen, Elvira 5 Dees, Koby 121
Cline, Barbara Passmore 89 Olivares, Pete 72 English, Shauna 117
Clower, George E 86 Oropez, Armando 85 Espinoza, Felix 91
Coleman, Jeremy Lane 17 Ortiz, Solomon 106 Foy, Alicia 17
Crowder, Jon Bruce 19 Parga-Guerrera, Sam 20 Garcia, Jaycob 106
Diemert, Margaret 89 Perez, Michael Anthony 106 Garza, Dyanna 57
Duron, Carmen 44 Pompa, Belinda 95 Gossett, Katherine 122
Estrada, Leo 119 Pursley, Robert David 5 Higgins, Amy 66
Estrada, Angela 119 Reeves, Susan Merritt 63 Higgins, Norman 66
Estrada, Laura 2 Rivera, Mary 8 Higgins, Sylvia 66
Estrada, Moises 23 Rivera, Roxanne Ruby 8 Horrocks, Mary 32
Estrada, Maria Elva 23 Saenz, Ernestine Acosta 52 Howard, Terry 112
Estrada, Michael Moses 123 Saenz, Rene 20 Johnson, Atlantis 28
Farris, Kyle 4 Salinas, Valentin 4 Kobus, James 18
Flores, Sara 17 Salvide, Sara 50 Krepel, Thomas 124
Garcia, Eloisa 116 Solis, Rosa 83 Landress, Bascomb 65
Garcia, Alonzo Hernandez 52 Taylor, Lamont Cranston 38 Lopez, Bruce 78
Garcia, Trina Guadalupe 52 Thomas, Carol 6 Macdonald-Beltman, Paige 91
Garcia, Alexander 119 Thomas, Michael 6 Medrano, Marcus 37
Garcia, Sandra 67 Torres, David Sanchez 111 Moreno, Alejandro 92
Garcia Jr, Henri Carlos 106 Torres-Mcgregor, Irma 63 Muir, Robert 26
Garza, Heriberto 75 Travis, Nelda 62 Ramsey, Chandra 72
Garza, Virginia Ann 85 Tullius, Justin Dale 66 Stafford, John 115
Garza, Vicki 59 Turner, Glenda 117 Stillman, Diana 29
Gilby, Nicholas 39 Valdez, Connie 97 Strukel, Christine 116
Gonzalez, Adelita Teresa 56 Valdez Jr, Carlos Homero 112 Suter, Henry 59
Gonzalez Jr, Jose A 84 Valdez Sr, Carlos 97 Tansill, Roy 40
Gonzalez-Palacios, Mary Isabel 32 Valls, John Edward 26 Weber, Nancy 58
Graham, Coretta 70 Veit, Kristie 67
Gray, Martha 125 Vera, Nancy 97
Guerrero, Stephanie 20 Whipple, Terri 20
Gunning, Aurelia 20 Wilson, Sylvia 112
Hodge, Sylvia Veronica 122 Young, Larry Donnell 59
Lawhon, Rebecca 64 Zapata Zulema 13

Don’t make Carolyn Moon mad, pre-register for Saturday’s Convention

To become a delegate to the Texas Democratic Convention for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders you must be elected as a delegate at the Nueces County Democratic Party Convention (NCDPC) on Saturday, March 19.

Don’t make Carolyn Moon mad, please pre-register online at: register.txdemocrats.org before 6pm on Friday, March 18. Doing so will make life easy on the registrars, save time, shorten lines, and most of all it’ll make Carolyn Moon smile.

At the NCDPC, there will be a meeting of attendees from each precinct to select a person(s) to attend the state convention. In order to be elected, you should: recruit neighbors and friends from your precinct to attend and to vote for you, be present at that meeting, and earn the votes of the attendees.

Nueces County will send 139 delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention from Senate District 20 and another 2 from Senate District 18 (Port Aransas).

Nueces County Democratic Party Convention Procedure:

  1. Click here to put the Nueces County Democratic Party Convention on March 19, 2016 on your calendar. Check-in and registration begins at 11am, the convention is gaveled to order at 1pm.
  2. The NCDPC will be held in the auditorium of West Oso Junior High School located at 5202 Bear Lane in Corpus Christi 78415.
  3. Arrive at the NCDPC on March 19, 2016 between 11am and 12:45pm to sign in. Your signature makes you an official attendee.
  4. You will sign in your Presidential Preference. The delegation to the state convention from Nueces County will reflect the percentage support for each presidential candidate. That should result in 98 Hillary delegates from SD-20, 41 Bernie delegates from SD-20, and 2 Hillary delegates from SD-18.
  5. The NCDPC is called to order and opening introductions and ceremonies are held.
  6. The chair will announce committee chairs and members of the permanent committees on Credentials, Nominations for At-Large Delegates, Resolutions, and Rules.
  7. The chair will announce rules regarding resolutions, including location and the time limits on submission (approximately 2pm).
  8. If you have a resolution to present, file it with the Chair who will give it to the Resolutions Committee.
  9. The chair will call for attendees from each precinct or grouped precincts to meet. At this “precinct convention” all the people from your precinct gather.
    1. The precinct chair will call the precinct convention to order. The chair will determine the number of people in attendance from the precinct.
    2. A secretary will be selected to keep minutes of the meeting.
    3. The chair will announce the number of delegates to be elected to the state convention (the precinct is allowed to elect a delegate for each full 175 votes cast in 2014 for Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee for governor. 175+ votes equals one delegate; 350+ equals two delegates; 525+ votes equals three delegates, etc.)
    4. If your precinct had less than 175 votes, then your precinct will have been grouped by the county/senate district executive committee with other small precincts to elect the allotted number of delegates based on the total number of votes for Wendy Davis.
    5. The chair will call for self-nominations for those who wish to be candidates for delegate. Nominations cannot be closed until all who want to be considered are nominated.
    6. Each participant may cast a number of votes equal to the number of delegates allocated to such precinct (or grouped precinct) convention. For example, if there are three positions to be filled, each participant may cast three full votes in the following manner:
      1. One vote for each of three candidates;
      2. Two votes for one candidate and one vote for one other candidate: or
      3. Three votes for a single candidate.
    7. Persons receiving the highest number of votes shall be the delegates elected by the group. In the case of a tie vote for either delegate, the delegate shall be determined by lot or chance.
    8. Consensus election: If the attendees can agree by consensus before holding the elections laid out above who they wish to send to the state convention as the delegate(s), then an attendee may make a motion to elect those persons by acclamation.
    9. The chair and secretary will report the results of the selection from the precinct(s) to the nominations committee.
    10. The precinct convention adjourns until the full local convention is called back to order.
  10. Nominations Committee: This committee will meet after gathering all the results from the precinct conventions. If, after the executive committee had allocated delegates to the precincts and grouped precincts, there were delegate places remaining, these places are elected “at-large.” The committee will assess the delegation elected from the precincts and determine the ratio of men and women, ethnic minorities, youth, seniors, and LGBT representation. The nominations committee then will recommend to the full convention the persons to be elected for the requisite number of at-large delegates and alternates. Their recommended list should be used to balance the county’s delegation to the state convention to be representative of the population of the Democrats in the county.If you wish to attend the state convention, and were unsuccessful in being elected from your precinct, you should follow the instructions of your chair on how to request consideration by the Nominations Committee. Seek out and make your wishes known to members of the committee to place you on the at-large delegate list.
  11. The Convention will continue with the report of the Resolutions Committee and action on recommended items by the full convention.
  12. Adjourn. Typically this will be between 4pm and 5pm. But in contentious years some county conventions have lasted til the wee hours.

National Delegate Process and Allocation:

To run to be a National Delegate at July’s Democratic National Convention from your district or to be considered to be an at-large National Delegate, you will need to file a notarized application with the Texas Democratic Party. Under our Rules, you may not file that application before March 21st and the deadline for submittal is May 19, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. The application must be in the office at that time.

  1. Applications will be available on this website Tuesday March 22nd. Check back here to download the application.
  2. File a signed and notarized application to be a national delegate pledged to your presidential choice. Filing will begin on March 21st, 2016 and continue until 5:00 PM on May 19th, 2016. You may also file to be considered a district level delegate, an at-large delegate, or an alternate.
  3. Following the Friday, June 17 senate district caucuses, each presidential candidate caucus within the senate districts shall meet to elect their allocated delegates based on the primary to the national convention. These delegates will be balanced by gender and must reflect our representational goals. Only those delegates who registered for a particular candidate may vote on that candidate’s delegate nominees. Senate District 20 will send 5 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, 2 males for Hillary, 2 females for Hillary, and 1 male for Bernie.
  4. A person who was not elected from their senate district may be considered by the Nominations Committee for one of the 48 at-large national delegates. This committee consists of one representative from each senate district elected at the Friday caucus. The convention chair appoints three additional members. The members of the nominations committee representing each presidential preference will meet on Saturday and select their allocated pledged district delegates, pledged party and elected official delegates, and pledged alternates. These selections will also be used to balance our representational goals.
  5. The Nominations Committee then reports to the entire state convention and the state convention ratifies the delegation.

Read the Texas Democratic Party Rules Here:

Read the 2016 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection Plan Here:

More on the Nueces County Democratic Party Convention can be found here.


Present A Resolution At Saturday’s Convention

Any attendee to the Nueces County Democratic Convention may submit a resolution to the convention on any topic they desire. These resolutions may educate and inform the persons developing our Party Platform at the county, state, and national level. Some resolutions will be considered and passed by the delegates at the state convention to give extra emphasis to the topic.

You may submit your resolution to the Chair of the Convention up until one hour after the convention is called to order (2pm on Saturday, March 19). The Chair shall refer it to the Resolutions Committee. The committee will make decisions on which resolutions the convention will consider.

Those resolutions that pass will be sent to the State Convention. Any resolution (or similar resolutions) that pass at least ten county or senate district conventions automatically go to the State Convention Resolutions Committee for consideration, thus if you want something in the state platform it pays to coordinate with multiple counties. All other resolutions are considered by a temporary resolutions committee before the state convention that organizes and prioritizes resolutions for consideration at the state convention.

Print out and fill the template attached below and hand it to your convention chair:


County Executive Committee Meeting and Ballot Draw

A County Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, March 10 at 6 pm. All precinct chairs and interested Democrats should plan on attending.

Could you please donate $3 to help our 2016 combined campaign?

The order of business is:

  • Canvas the vote for the 2016 Democratic Primary
  • Draw for places on the ballot for the run-off between Cody Garrett and Grady Yarbrough to take on the winner of the GOP run-off for Texas Railroad Commissioner. More importantly we will have a run-off between John Marez and Joe A. Gonzales for County Commissioner Precinct 3, Frank Flores and Gilbert Gomez for Nueces County Constable, Precinct 5, and Robert J. Robertson and Coretta Graham for Chair Precinct 70.
  • Pre-planning for the Nueces County Democratic Convention on March 19 at West Oso Middle School.
  • Pre-planning for Texas State Democratic Convention on June 16-18 in San Antonio.
  • Pre-planning for Democratic National Convention on July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

Meeting Thursday, March 10 at 6 pm Democratic Party HQ:
3823 S Staples St
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Please RSVP here.


Larry Olivarez for Sheriff Press Conference

Friends, family, press, and Democrats come join Larry Olivarez Friday March 4th 2pm at Commissioners Court as he reveals his platform for restructuring and reorganizing the Sheriff’s Department & Jail of Nueces County. All for the betterment of our County and the Taxpayers.

Commissioners Court is on the second floor
of the Nueces County Courthouse
901 Leopard Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

If you can make it please RSVP here.


2016 Democratic Primary Election Results

The results of the 2016 Democratic primary are below. Winners in bold. Italics denote a run-off.

Office Sought Ballot Name Vote Percentage
President of the United States (RF) Hillary Clinton 65.17% (70.48% in Nueces County)
Bernie Sanders 30.24% (27.77% in Nueces County)
and Calvis L. Hawes, Willie L. Wilson, Martin J. O’Malley, Keith Judd, Star Locke, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente all finished with less than 1%
U.S. Representative District 27 (RF) Ray Madrigal 35.16% (41.52% in Nueces County)
Wayne Raasch 14.57% (9.64% in Nueces County)
Raul (Roy) Barrera 50.26% (48.84% in Nueces County)
Texas Railroad Commissioner (RF) Lon Burnam 24.89% (18.19% in Nueces County)
Cody Garrett 35.15% (43.66% in Nueces County)
Grady Yarbrough 39.95% (38.15% in Nueces County)
Texas State Supreme Court Justice, Place 3 (RF) Mike Westergren 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas State Supreme Court Justice, Place 5 (RF) Dori Contreras Garza 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas State Supreme Court Justice, Place 9 (RF) Savannah Robinson 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 (RF) Lawrence “Larry” Meyers(i) 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 (RF) Betsy Johnson 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 (RF) Robert Burns 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas Senate SD 18 (RF) none 0% (0% in Nueces County)
Texas Senate SD 20 Chuy Hinojosa(i) 100% (100% in Nueces County)
Texas House HD32 (RF) none 0%
Texas House HD34 Abel Herrero(i) 100%
Texas 13th District Court of Appeals, Place 3 Leticia Hinojosa 72.12% (44.81% in Nueces County)
Carlos Valdez 27.87% (55.19% in Nueces County)
Nueces County District Judge, 214F (RF) Jose Longoria 63.43%
Deborah Rios 36.57%
Nueces County District Judge, 28A Nanette Hasette 100%
Nueces County District Judge, 347H (RF) none 0%
District Attorney, 105th Judicial District (RF) Mark Gonzales 55.81%
Mark Skurka(i) 44.19%
Nueces County Attorney Laura Garza Jimenez 100%
Nueces County Sheriff (RF) Larry Olivarez 59.77%
Jose Olivares 40.23%
Nueces County Commissioner, District 1 Robert G. Hernandez 100%
Nueces County Commissioner, District 3 John Martinez 24.88%
Dick Mitchell 3.79%
John Marez 26.77%
Jesus Jesse Gonzalez 9.33%
Joel Stanley Mumphord 5.40%
Joe A. Gonzalez 29.83%
Nueces County Tax Assessor-Collector (RF) none 0%
Nueces County Justice of the Peace, Place 1,1 Joe Benadvides(i) 100%
Nueces County Justice of the Peace, Place 2,1 (RF) Chris Garza 43.93%
Alex Garcia 56.07%
Nueces County Justice of the Peace, Place 5,1 Robert (Bobby) Gonzales(i) 100%
Nueces County Constable, Precinct 1 Bobby Cisneros(i) 72.60%
Juan (Mike) I. Valverde 27.40%
Nueces County Constable, Precinct 2 (RF) none 0%
Nueces County Constable, Precinct 3 Jimmy Rivera(i) 67.89%
Adolfo G. Contreras 32.11%
Nueces County Constable, Precinct 4 (RF)  none xx%
Nueces County Constable, Precinct 5 Frank Flores III(i) 48.68%
Gilbert Gomez 31.72%
Oscar B. Mendoza Jr. 19.60%
Chair, Nueces County Democratic Party Jennifer Ellis 51.08%
Cinia Clarich Montoya 48.92%
Precinct Chairman, Precinct 5 Judy Loverde 49.21%
Alicia Gallegos-Gomez 50.79%
Precinct Chairman, Precinct 8 George R. Rosas 36.75%
Mary E. Rivera 63.25%
Precinct Chairman, Precinct 29 Richard Alonzo 61.39%
Diana Stillman 38.61%
Precinct Chairman, Precinct 70 Robert J. Robertson 32.61%
William ‘Bill’ Veith 25.00%
Coretta Graham 42.39%
Precinct Chairman, Precinct 115 John M. Stafford 35.44%
Isabel Noyola-Martin 64.56%

Item No. 1: On Economic Security and Prosperity
✔︎ Yes 93.95% (89.33% in Nueces) ❏ No 6.04% (10.67% in Nueces) Should the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress pass an economic security and prosperity plan for families that includes higher incomes by raising the state minimum wage to a livable wage, passing the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure equal pay for equal work, guaranteeing paid family leave to care for a child or ill loved one, fully funding public neighborhood schools, and making a debt-free community college education a reality for hardworking students?

Referenda Item No. 2: On a Fair Criminal Justice System
✔︎ Yes 93.94% (92.45% in Nueces) ❏ No 6.05% (7.55% in Nueces) Should the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress pass criminal justice reform legislation that ensures equal justice throughout our society without respect to race, socioeconomic status, geographic location, or other factors unrelated to behavior, ensuring as well common sense policies to protect the rights of law enforcement officers, the community, and defendants in the criminal justice system?

Referenda Item No. 3: On Climate
✔︎ Yes 91.86% (88.57% in Nueces) ❏ No 8.13% (11.43% in Nueces) Should the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress encourage the transition to renewable, non-polluting energy as a means to slow down climate change and its impact on the planet?

Referenda Item No. 4: On the Voting Rights Act
✔︎ Yes 92.31% (91.85% in Nueces) ❏ No 7.68% (8.15% in Nueces) Should the United States Congress pass the new Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect all American voters?

Referenda Item No. 5: On Campus Carry
✔︎ Yes 77.56% (72.29% in Nueces) ❏ No 22.43% (27.71% in Nueces) Should the Texas Legislature allow each public institution of higher education (not only private universities) to opt out of the ability to carry guns on campus?

Referenda Item No. 6: On Comprehensive Immigration Reform
✔︎ Yes 88.94% (88.64% in Nueces) ❏ No 11.05% (11.36% in Nueces) Should the United States Congress pass a just and fair comprehensive immigration reform solution that includes an earned path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants and their children, keeps families together, protects DREAMers, and provides workforce solutions for businesses?


Post Primary Victory Parties

No matter who you supported in today’s 2016 Texas Democratic Primary there is a victory party in town tonight just for you.

Come celebrate Hillary Clinton‘s Victory at Club Havana.
500 N Water St. (entrance on Schatzell St.)
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
Please RSVP for Hillary here.

Come celebrate Bernie Sanders‘ Victory at Cassidy’s Irish Pub.
601 N Water St.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
Please RSVP for Bernie here.

Local candidates, while you’re waiting for results at the Court House, please walk across the street and stop by the Progressive Center for food and drinks.
413 Waco St.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
Please RSVP for Local Candidates here.

All events start at 7pm (remember poll workers and candidates will still be working for that last vote at 7pm) on Tuesday March 1, 2016 and last til the exhilaration or disappointment sets in.