March 1, 2016

About the Nueces County Democratic Party

Corpus Christi was founded in 1839 by Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney as Kinney’s Trading Post during the Republic of Texas. In 1846 Nueces County was formed from San Patricio County and Corpus Christi became our county seat. The Nueces County Democratic Party was formed at the same time and that year the voters of Nueces County helped send Democrat Timothy Pillsbury to Congress as Texas’ inaugural Representative for the 2nd Congressional District.

From the time of Texas’ annexation until the 1950s, Nueces County remained solidly Democratic. Electoral blips in 1956 and 1972 presaged the change of Nueces County into a solidly purple, swing county, which it remains today despite the overall red hue of Texas.

The Nueces County Democratic Party believes that we live in a land of opportunity as wide as our beautiful Texas skies. Nueces County Democrats care about our neighbors and know that we’re stronger together than we are on our own.  We know that when everyone plays by the same rules, gets a fair shot and does their fair share—Texas succeeds, Nueces County succeeds, and Corpus Christi succeeds.  Our values are rooted in opportunity, freedom, fairness, equality, and progress.

The Nueces County Democratic Party stands up for working families in the Coastal Bend. Nueces County Democrats have fought for civil rights, Social Security, workers’ rights, voting rights, veterans’ rights, health care, equality, immigration reform, women’s rights, and the environment. We are the party of President Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards, Joaquin and Julian Castro, Wendy Davis, and countless Texans throughout the state who work each day to keep Texas great.

We love our great state. And we fight to win elections to protect our Texas values.

The Texas Democratic Party’s official party platform can be read here.