Meet the Chairman

Chair & Pelosi

Welcome Nueces County Democrats,

Thank you for your continued support of the Democratic party.

We have many tough battles ahead, but together we can win them one-by-one. The candidates who were a part of the 2012 elections have tirelessly stood up for and fought proudly for the Democratic party. They fight for the issues that we strongly believe in and they have been ambassadors of the party from the courthouse to the White House.

The November 6, 2012 election was a special day because it continued our progress forward and reminded us that through combining our forces, we are capable of turning Texas blue in the near future. One thing Democrats have always had is the power of the people and this year, we proved it. We cannot do this alone and we need your help.

Thanks to supporters like you and loyal Democrats, we have truly begun to turn things around. With guidance from our new state leader, Gilberto Hinojosa and the motivation of our Precinct Chairs, we kept our Democratic incumbents and took back four!

Like the song states, “The Eyes of Texas are Upon Us.” Be safe and we look forward to another great election in 2014.

May God bless you always, and may God bless Texas!


Joseph L. Ramirez,
Nueces County Democratic Party Chairman